Woman Assumes Guy at the Gym Was Staring at Her When He Wasn’t, Receives Backlash & Apologizes

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Today’s story comes from Singapore. It’s about a woman who thought a guy at her gym was constantly staring at her. She made a video and posted it on her TikTok.

Upon further examination, one person on TikTok pointed out that the man wasn’t staring at her but was looking at the TV in her direction. A huge backlash ensued, and she deleted the videos and posted an apology. She then deleted her account.

The Story – Was He Staring?

Michelle Lim was having another regular day at the gym. After a while, she saw that a guy at the gym was constantly looking at her throughout his workout. Assuming she was being stared at, she started recording videos of the “man in the white shirt” and posted them on TikTok.

Michelle wrote:

“Filmed to confirm my suspicion because he kept staring at my direction,”

No, He Wasn’t

An anonymous TikTok user @dontanyhowrecord made a separate video showing the “man in the white shirt” watching Mr. Bean on the TV in Michelle’s direction – proving that he wasn’t staring at her.

They wrote in the video:

“The person ‘staring’ at you was watching Mr. Bean”

They uploaded another video with a message to Michelle:

“I understand that you felt uncomfortable, but discreetly filming the person and posting online with no attempt to confirm the situation wasn’t right. The gym has staff that can handle situations like this,”

“Please understand your actions caused an extremely negative impact to the person in the video.”

“I hope this incident has brought more awareness to everyone on the need to be mindful and sensitive of each other in public spaces.”

Michelle Receives Massive Backlash on TikTok

After this entire ordeal was done, Michelle got a lot of negative comments on her videos. She eventually deleted all of the videos and posted an apology.

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“I’m sorry to the guy I’ve posted in the video—also, I don’t have your contact. Please reach out to me so I can apologize to you personally too.”

In her video note, she tried to reach out to the “man in the white shirt” to personally apologize to him for any distress this might’ve caused him. Her account has since been deleted.

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  1. This woman thinks way to highly of herself and harassed a man because of her ego. An apology just doesn’t cut it. I would be so ashamed if I was her. Trying to imply something bad about someone you don’t even know on Social Media is getting soooo old!

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