10 Reasons Why People With Anxiety Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

People with anxiety go through hell everyday and still try to smile on the outside.

1. They are their own worst critics.

People with anxiety tend to always look down on themselves because of their less-than-ideal mental states. They see themselves as a lower class of human being, and their confidence is always deteriorating. Their self-esteem is very low, and it takes a great deal for them to be able to be comfortable with who they really are. That’s why when it comes to love, people with anxiety will tend to tell themselves that they are unworthy of real romance.

2. They are afraid of any unexpected panic attacks.

Panic attacks will come and go, and sometimes they can strike at the most unexpected of moments. There are many triggers that can lead to unexpected panic attacks and one of those triggers can be social interaction. A lot of people with anxiety like to keep to themselves because being around other people can make them uncomfortable and possibly trigger a panic attack. It can be difficult for people with anxiety to go on dates without being afraid of getting nervous.

3. First dates can be tormenting to them.

A person with anxiety is always known to be drawn towards solitude and seclusion. They don’t typically like to open themselves up to other people and make themselves more vulnerable than they already are. That’s why first dates can be especially difficult experiences for them. Usually, on a first date, the people involved are trying to get a feel of each other to get to know each other better. But an anxious person may come off as unsociable and distracted because of their natural tendencies.– Continue reading on the next page

4. They have high standards and they never settle for anything less.

Although an anxious person may typically have deteriorating states of confidence and self-esteem, they still understand that in order for a relationship to work, they need to be partnered up with someone whose strengths can help compensate for their weaknesses. They are only interested in dating people who can help bring them out of their shell. They want to be with individuals who are able to make them feel comfortable despite of their anxiety. Finding these kinds of people can be very difficult.

5. Anxiety makes them feel very lonely and isolated.

Even when they’re surrounded by people in a crowded room, people with anxiety can still feel very alone and isolated. They are naturally drawn to seclusion because they want to fend off their personal demons on their own. They never want any collateral damage, and they try their best to keep people away from their times of despair. It’s as if they don’t want to contaminate anyone else with their anxiety.

6. They have problems striking up conversations with new people.

It can be very disconcerting and uncomfortable for a person with anxiety to interact with other people. This problem is only magnified when they are forced to interact with people they have yet to get comfortable with. Meeting new people can be such a struggle for people with anxiety because finding comfort and stability in their lives is difficult enough as it is. Adding new people to the dynamics of how they live their lives can only complicate things and make it harder for them to get comfortable.

7. They tend to be very pessimistic and are plagued with the ideas of breakups.

There is very little light that shines on the lives of people with anxiety. They tend to take on darker views of the world, and as a result, they have very pessimistic outlooks on life. They rarely ever think that things are going to be easy and smooth. They see life as a constant struggle, and it’s the same with relationships. It would be difficult for them to shake the thought of possible heartbreak away from their heads when dating someone.– Continue reading on the next page

8. They always have a tendency to think that their partners deserve more than what they’re getting.

Because of their low self-esteem, their mind can trick them into believing that they are never worthy of a real relationship. They might think that their partners deserve more than having to date someone who is constantly anxious and afraid. While people with anxiety do have self-confidence issues, they can be some of the most selfless and thoughtful people in the world.

9. They hate the confrontations and conflicts that come with relationships.

They know that relationships can be messy. They know that nothing is ever perfect and that conflicts and arguments can arise even between the best of couples. People with anxiety know that these confrontations can trigger unwanted attacks in their mind, and they don’t want any part of it. They think that if they just stay away from relationships in general, maybe they can avoid the stresses of having to be in conflict with another person.

10. They don’t want to grow dependent on other people to help them with their anxiety.

Anxiety is a battle that these people have to deal with on a daily basis. A lot of times, they will make the choice to deal with this battle on their own. They value their independence, and they don’t want to grow reliant on another person to solve their problems on their behalf.

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