5 Things You Keep Doing That Are Secretly Making You Bad At Relationships

Stop doing these things!

1. You get so caught up with all the traditional rules in a relationship.

You were once told to wait at least a few days before replying to a text message. You were once told that you should never act like you are eager to go out on a second date. You were once told that it was wrong to always give potential mates the cold shoulder because apparently, that was the best way to get them more interested in you. These days, that just doesn’t work anymore. Don’t limit yourself to the boundaries that these rules have set for you. You should only do whatever feels natural and you can only hope that people will respond to you in a positive manner. You can’t let these rules box you in. If you do, then you are depriving yourself some valuable opportunities for love and relationships.

2. You always maintain an aura of coldness and indifference.

You can’t keep on acting cold and indifferent in your relationship with another person. That is the quickest way to drive someone away from you. If you are genuinely interested in another person, just let your emotions pour forth in a natural and organic manner. Stop intentionally trying to exude an aura of disinterest. That no longer works. People always respond well to truth and honesty. You have to be genuine about who you are and how you’re feeling. You can’t always be feigning disinterest even though your real emotions are saying otherwise. People will never like to interact with people who act cold and bored on a constant basis. You have to make other people feel comfortable in your presence if you actually want them to want to spend more time with you too.

3. You don’t engage in proper communication with your potential mates.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a proper healthy relationship. Some would even go so far as to say that communication is the most important thing that any healthy couple should have in a relationship. There’s a reason for that. When two people in a relationship constantly communicate with each other, then they are both essentially opening themselves up to one another. They don’t hesitate when it comes to leaving everything out in the open. They are perfectly fine with expressing themselves because they know that it’s the only way their relationship can ever move forward in harmony and love. They know that if they somehow create a restrictive environment for each other in terms of communication, it’s only going to result in ill feelings and emotions. That’s why the best couples always make it a point to maintain open lines of communication with each other. They will be willing to have all sorts of discussions together no matter how difficult. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You don’t give up your skepticism about love.

Maybe the bad experiences of your past have scarred you deep down inside. Maybe a terrible relationship with an old flame has created wounds inside of you; wounds that have not had the proper time and space to heal properly. That’s okay. It’s perfectly fine for a person to take the time and the space that is necessary to recover from traumatic emotional experiences. We are all only human after all. But it becomes a problem when you let all of your bad experiences in the past completely taint your perspectives on love and in relationships. You still have to be able to keep that sense of optimism about the benefits of love. You still have to be able to believe in the power of true love in peoples’ lives. You can’t afford to just let the dark completely take ownership of your soul. You really need to reserve a space for light to enter your heart. It’s all just a matter of waiting for that right person to come in and completely drive all that darkness away.

5. You always tend to give in to all the white noise.

You are the type of person who doesn’t really like to take responsibility for your own actions especially when it comes to love and relationships. You want to absolve yourself from any accountability in your love life and that’s why you continue to fail at it miserably. You always turn to your friends or your family to make your decisions on your behalf so that when things don’t turn out for the best, you have someone to point your finger to. You don’t want to be the one who takes on all the blame and so you look for scapegoats in the form of your friends and family. The problem with that is that you’re never going to find success in love until you actually develop the maturity that you need to actually take ownership of your actions and decisions. You need to be strong enough to actually stand up strong for your convictions.

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