7 Ridiculous Relationship Tips You Should Ignore

Being someone who’s always providing tips to make relationships better, it frazzles me whenever I come across something people firmly believe in and sounds stupid to hear because it’s archaic. It’s 2020; people need to stop believing everything they hear, especially when it comes to people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

This is about one friend of mine who hated relationships. Still, he used to be very therapeutic around people with broken hearts, that’s a very destructive combination – someone who hates relationships talking to someone who’s hurting.

Here are seven relationship tips you should ignore, no matter who they come from.

7. Love will come to you when you’re not looking

This is one of the saddest and stupidest tips I’ve heard. Imagine you’re single and don’t like being single, imagine you’re someone who wants to share your life with someone, you’re a person who hates being alone and want someone to talk it out with, you want a person who’s just yours, what would you do? Not look for love, and miss your chance? NO! You look for love! If this tip applied to me and I believed in it,

I would not be with the most amazing girl in the world today because I would still be waiting for love to come to me. Nothing in life just comes to you; you have to work for everything, especially love. That’s my counter tip.

6. If they’re jealous, it means they truly love you

No, jealousy and love aren’t directly proportional, don’t mix these two up with each other. Jealousy is a normal part of every relationship, and it is bound to happen with the strongest of couples. Still, when jealousy goes overboard, it just means that insecurities are starting to take over, it doesn’t mean in any way that the person “truly” loves you. If they’re insecure to the point where they start going through your phone or ask for your passwords, that’s not true love, that’s just your partner not trusting you.

5. Sometimes, a lie can save a relationship

If this tip were anywhere near to being true, my ex would still be with me because she used to lie to me every single day about something or the other. Lying is NOT a normal part of any relationship; don’t make a habit out of lying. If you feel the need to lie, it means you don’t love the person enough to tell them the truth; it means you think they don’t deserve the truth, do you think like that? I don’t think so. Lying does not save any relationship; it just delays the inevitable, your lie will be caught sooner or later, and either way, it won’t be pretty for you.

4. All you need is love

No, love is not life. I know this coming from me might sound a little hypocritical, but it’s the truth. Even I don’t believe love means life, love is a part of life, not life itself. To fall in love or to love someone, you need to love yourself completely and your life, your family and friends, you need to be content with yourself and your actions before you can give yourself to someone. Love isn’t the solution to all of your problems. Love supposed to enhance your life, not give it meaning.

3. Everybody deserves a second chance

This saying, although it is very famous, doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone in this world. Some people hurt others in such a way that they should NOT be given a second chance or even a shot at a second chance. This tip only applies to those who make small and forgivable mistakes, not to those who destroy you and still keep asking for more. Be very careful with second chances; I almost lost myself while giving a second chance to my ex.

2. The best way to move on is to be with someone else

I seriously don’t know where people get this stuff from. You simply CANNOT be with someone else if you’re still hurt and damaged from your breakup if you still think about your ex more than you should if their memories still haunt you in your dreams, how can you even think of being with someone else or someone new when you are so damaged inside? You need the proper time to heal yourself first.

Moving on from a breakup is one of the toughest things in the world, but people eventually get through it, and they come out stronger in the end. Don’t find a rebound, don’t put yourself back in the list of “available and looking” too soon, give yourself time to heal first.

1. Real couples don’t argue

Real couples don’t argue? Okay, either my girlfriend doesn’t love me, or we aren’t a real couple. Seriously. People argue, whenever two different individuals come together, they are bound to have a lot of differences. Arguments and fights are a very reasonable and healthy part of every relationship. It’s a way two people discover each other and find out things about each other that no one else knows about. Arguments are very reasonable and natural, real couples argue.

Question of the day

What’s the stupidest relationship tip you’ve gotten from someone? Share your answers in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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  1. Thnx buddy. You tips is just awesome.no single person except you and exception one can express tips of healthy relationship. ❤️❤️❤️.And few person,can’t mention names told me idiotic and harmful tips for my own one/partner.

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