How Being Single Can Be Awesome

Evolution can change just about anything, except for one: accepting single individuals as happy people. While I admit that there is someone out there for everyone, I don’t see the point in pressuring people to actually spend every waking second of their lives to find that someone.

The truth is that some people just don’t want to bother themselves with it. The whole ‘regret phase’ people keep talking about, when you’ll wake up one day and realise you’re still single. These people wake up every day and are happy that they’re still single! Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Their utmost priority isn’t finding a partner:

Not everyone thinks that happiness can solely be achieved by being in a relationship. It’s honestly about priorities, maybe they have a job and don’t feel like risking it in order to be with someone in another state whom they might or might not end up with forever. There is also a possibility that they’ll come to regret their decision every time their relationship faces turbulence.

There is always a risk when it comes to relationships and these people don’t really want to go through that risk. They define happiness with so many other things such as their career or their families etc.

2. They love the freedom that comes with being single:

No matter how comfortable you might think you and your partner are, there is always some things you should hold back i.e. there isn’t total freedom, more like 90%. When you’re single, however, you literally have no one to hold back from. You can have 100% freedom and, honestly, some people prefer life that way. Doing whatever they want and whenever they want. Not having to make plans with someone all the time and can binge watch their favourite TV shows all that time.

3. It’s about committing:

Okay so let’s get something cleared up, being ‘single’ doesn’t mean that someone is completely single like all of the time. They can go on occasional dates but they may or may not be with the same person i.e. they aren’t committed. Some people don’t see the point in one person every day, every second for the rest of their lives.

4. The ‘one’ can find them themselves:

Take a second to actually think about this. Single people aren’t oblivious to the fact that there is the ‘one’ out there but they don’t think that they should be the ones to go searching for them. There is no map with an X-marked spot on clearly giving you the coordinates of your soul mate.

You have to go find them. Instead of making the quest themselves, these people think ‘why?’ The right person will come at the right time, you don’t have to make it your mission in life to find them. Trust me, it’ll make life so much simpler.

5. Their biological clock doesn’t terrify them:

Some people have specific plans. For example; some people might plan on finding the right person by twenty five, getting married by thirty and giving having kids by thirty five. They have their lives planned to every last detail and that makes every little bump in the road all the more terrifying.

Some people are terrified of things other than the infamous ‘tick tock menopause‘. If you’re so ‘goal oriented’, you’ll end up ruining yourself if nothing goes as planned. For example; what if you don’t find the right guy by twenty five? What if you two break up before you’re thirty? What if you don’t have kids by thirty five?

6. They’ve seen what a bad relationship can do to people:

You may or may not agree with this but a bad relationship tends to have certain effects on you, no matter how strong you are. Even the toughest of people can suffer from a heartbreak. These people have seen all of that happening every day and not once or twice but constantly.

You may show them all of of the good aspects of a relationship but the thing is, all of those good things were in many other relationships that ultimately lead to a bad breakup or a bitter divorce.

Most single people are single because of all the things which they see around them either in person or on one of the billions of reality programs which focus on the bad aspects of a relationship. With all of that happening around them, can you blame them?

Bottom line is that some people prefer the single life over anything else. Being in a relationship is a choice; they chose not to be in one.

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