This Could Be The One Thing That Is Holding You Back From Finding True Love

Sometimes, the things that we continue to cling to are the things that are keeping us from finding the one thing that we’ve always wanted for ourselves in the first place.

One of the saddest truths that a lot of people have difficulty accepting is the fact that they are the ones who are holding themselves back from finding true love. There are opportunities for us to grab hold of love every day; and it’s our passivity and lack of initiative that leads to wasted opportunities. But more than anything else, it’s our inability to let go of the things that aren’t working for us. It’s our unwillingness to detach from the unhealthy that is keeping us from finding the love that is really meant for us.

And not a lot of us are going to be willing to admit this fact. Not all of us have the kind of self-awareness and humility that it takes to acknowledge this truth. There are so many people around the world who commit this mistake on a daily basis without really knowing. And that’s why they can’t rectify the situation. And if you’re one of those people, you need to listen to this: Stop chasing after people.

That’s something that you really have to be mature enough to learn and accept as an adult. You can’t keep on wasting time chasing after something that belongs in the past. If you continue to do so, you are depriving yourself of a happy future with someone special. You really need to stop going after something that just isn’t right for you.

If you get broken up with; if a relationship that you are in has to come to an end, then let it go. Move on from it. Get over it. If you find yourself drifting away from a person you were originally so in love with, then let that person go. Don’t try to force the issue. Don’t force a square into a circle. Stop trying so hard to make something fit when it obviously doesn’t want to. You don’t have to obsess over that person who has just recently blocked you on social media. You don’t have to waste your life being hung up on that one relationship that ended abruptly. You don’t have to keep on subjecting yourself to that kind of torment. You definitely deserve better. You definitely need to be better.

Hope can be a beautiful thing. In fact, hope is what gives a bright light to even the darkest of days for a lot of people in this world. However, misplaced hope can be very dangerous for a lot of us. If we blindly cling to false hopes, then we deprive ourselves of truth that reality can give us. If we fail to acknowledge that some hopes are unhealthy for us, we essentially doom ourselves into a life of settling and mediocrity. And that’s why it’s important for us to always be sure that when we hope, we keep things realistic. We can’t always grow attached to our hopes; because at the end of the day, hopes, just like dreams, can get shattered. And when that happens, we save whatever we can of our dignity and we move on.

A lot of our energy gets wasted by forcing the issue. We try so hard to make something work out the way that we want them to. And we get so consumed by the desire to make things work that we end up blinding ourselves to the many opportunities that are passing as by. And there are few things in the world that are worse than having missed opportunities.

And don’t you dare deny that you aren’t guilty of this. At one point or another, we have all been guilty of this. And the sooner that we accept this fact about how we live our lives, the sooner we can rectify this situation. Yes, you don’t like ending things on a bad note. Yes, you don’t like having to let go of someone who you don’t have closure with. But sometimes, life isn’t always going to give you the perfect conditions that you need to move on in a healthy manner.

Sometimes, you just have to move on regardless of what the conditions are. For the sake of your own emotional well-being, you have to find the strength to move on from the things that are no longer adding value to your life. You need to be able to let go of the things that are only holding you back. You should be able to burn some bridges if you have to.

At the end of the day, we all want love and happiness. But sometimes, the things that we continue to cling to are the things that are keeping us from finding the one thing that we’ve always wanted for ourselves in the first place.

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