109-Year-Old-Woman Reveals The Secret To A Long And Happy Life: Avoid Men

Do you want to have a long and happy life? Well, it turns out that they key to achieving a long and happy life has a lot to do with the kind of people you surround yourself with. Well, at least that’s all according to Jessie Gallan, a 109-year-old woman who was raised on a farm in Kintore, Scotland.

It’s likely that you’re someone who would always want to live a happy and fulfilling life that is free from stress and negativity. But how exactly do you go about achieving that? What exactly do you have to do to go about achieving this? What are the secrets that everyone so desperately wants to know about? Well, just continue reading on until the end of the article to gather some interesting insight from a very unlikely source.

The year was 2015 and Holiday Retirement decided to conduct a really big survey all across America. They decided to look into the lives of seniors who were older than the age of 100 in order to determine the possible reasons for their longer lives. It was a very detailed survey that covered a wide array of perspectives and opinions on the matter. However, there is one particular reason that was brought up that might surprise you.

There were some respondents who said that it was all about making sure that you were surrounded by loving family who would take care of you. Others said that it was all about living life to the absolute fullest. And these are some fairly common answers that wouldn’t really surprise anyone. However, there was wone reason that was given by Jessie Gallan that seemed to shock most of the researchers in the study.

Jesse was born and raised in Kintore, Scotland. She grew up on her family farm while being taken care of by her parents and six siblings. She led a relatively simple life that was free from the typical stresses and pressures of an urban lifestyle. She slept in a cottage and she lived a very free life. She went to school for a little bit but she never really pursued an academic life. She found a job working in the kitchen of a farm but eventually,she decided to go into the city to work as a housemaid for a healthy family. She stayed there for a while and then she decided to go into a career within the service industry.

Gallan finally decided that she would move into the Crosby House. This was a home that accommodated seniors who were stricken with illness or who had no one to take care of them. Gillian Bennett is a lady who works at the Crosby House and is one of those in charge of assisting Gallan. She says of Jessie, “Jessie is a lovely woman. She has got her best friend here, Sarah Jane, and they are always together. She likes her music and likes her exercise class and is a very independent person. She is always walking about.”

Gallan passed away a few years ago back in 2015 but she didn’t leave this earth without first leaving her personal secret to her life’s longevity. This is what Jessie had to say about the matter:

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men,” Gallan said. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Jessie also said that one of the secrets to her longer life is her love of porridge. “I like my porridge. I have all my life.”

Gallan proposed a very interesting idea to the debate of life. Yes, there are more and more women who are growing desperate these days out of their frustrations to find a quality man. And maybe the answer is to just stay away from these toxic men altogether. Granted that there is no way to prove or disprove Gallan’s theory, that doesn’t mean that it’s not an interesting thing to talk and think about.



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