11 shocking truths you didn’t know she hides from you

She definitely hides these from you.

We all keep secrets, even from those we hold close to us. Sometimes it might be intentional, while at other times, you just know the other person isn’t at the stage where they understand you well. Hiding things from then becomes kind of a necessityor so you might think.

Why would relationships be any different? From the littlest of things to major life-changing events, you might be keeping a secret from your significant other. Does it make you any less of a sweetheart in their eyes? Definitely not. Sometimes, he might not be as understanding or patient as you want him to, given the circumstances.

Similarly, she might not be as open-minded as you want her to be, also given the circumstances. There’s a proper time for everything. Until you reach that point, things you keep from him are secrets, whether you like that or not.

So to all the guys out there who often find themselves wrapped in wonderment over what the love of their life might be keeping hidden from them, read the following 15 shocking truths she might be hiding from you.

  1. Women tell their besties everything

She might not tell you up front, but her besties have got her back at all times. That goes on to say, if you two have a fight and you blame her, make her cry, got her flowers for her birthday when she expected more her best friends will know all about it. Then if you he ask her whether she tells her besties about you, her answer will depend on how much she likes you at that moment. Why? Because she knows that eventually that her friends will stick around longer than her man.

  1. Women keep their beauty tips a secret

She might look beautiful without some touch of mascara or a dash of powder, but there are times when that natural beauty exceeds the natural tag and hardly looks human. So she hides this fact but yes, she does creep out of bed early in the morning just to add that touch mascara and powder. Why? Simple. Because making herself look good makes her feel good and confident about herself. He might not even notice it at times, so you might wonder to yourself ˜Why do I go through all this trouble?’ And that’s when you do it for yourselfa surprising truth she’ll keep to yourself. 

  1. They need solitude

Sure, sometimes women are needy while at other times they feel like crying alone. However, their ˜alone time’ tends to differ depending on the situation. Had a fight? She’s going to want to put on some heels and walk through the city at midnight with their best friends without a boy in sight. Why?

Because despite your supportive nature, they need their solitude to think on what’s going on in their lives. Don’t we all? So can you blame them? Though they will keep it from you out of kindness, lest you get the wrong idea and blame yourself.

  1. They often check up on their exes

Don’t get jealous if you find out you’re woman keeps checking up on her ex. It doesn’t mean they want to get back with him. They just do it for the sake of stalking, to know in hindsight that their exes are still doing awful as they were when they broke up with them. As shocking a truth as this might sound to you, know that it doesn’t mean she loves you any less. Simply put, they’re just shamelessly curious and that isn’t ever going to change.

  1. They most probably dislike your mom

Has she ever told you openly how much she wishes to stab your mom with a pencil? The fact she doesn’t express such feelings to you about your mom is because a, what kind of girlfriend would she be then and b, because she keeps it a secret and wants you to realize yourself that you need to stick up for her; that she’s your top priority.

Sure, she might have a lot of negative thoughts about your mom, but that doesn’t mean she will share all of them with you. It might come off as a shocking truth to you, but starting that sort of family drama with your parents is not really on her to-do list.

  1. They please themselves

Until you know exactly how to keep them satisfied, she will use that time to do so herself. A lot of beautiful and young women out there are most probably keeping this a secret for long now. Until you do that for her, she’ll feel like she’s just there to fulfill a male fantasy of yours…which is not cool at all. Woman need self-empowerment for better and effective communication during intimacy.

So until they find that confidence, they know pretty well how to pleasure themselves when their boyfriends can’t. So don’t get them wrong. However, picking up the slack when you can’t is something that will remain a secret either way. 

  1. Women like compliments from other guys

No, this does not means she is being flirty or is harboring intentions to be with some other guy. It just means she feels good being told she looks nice, or is fun to be around with or some other positive thing. She will keep this a secret from you, becausewellwhy wouldn’t she? She will fear you might come off as too guarded or aggressive when you hear someone at work complimented her.

That too, is understandable. You love her and you want the world to know that. But at the same time, it puts her in that position when keeping it a secret, lest you get the wrong idea, seems like the best option to her. Until she tells the other guy off, obviously, she will not tell you about it. Look at the bigger picture then: she’s as good as it gets and everyone agrees, though she’s still yours.

  1. Women hate admitting about their natural flawsor are they?

Does she talk openly about how she plucks her eyebrows, how she’s number 2, how she hides those blackheads on her nose and so forth? Why? Because women, in our society, are generally labeled as gross if they talk about such things openly. That is why they keep it a secret. They don’t feel as comfortable as they should from their guys to talk about it in the first place. Hence, you will find it as a shocking truth, if you do. It’s difficult to judge how you’ll react to such a thing.

They might assume you think they are disgusting, that you might look at them differently and so on. So they wish you would make them feel more comfortable about the natural pureness of their bodies. Despite it, they will never bring up the topic. In the same pretext, they hate discussing their insecurities, like how they think they need a nose job; you aren’t aware of the social pressure they’re under. 

  1. The number of guys they’ve dated

This is doesn’t just imply to how many guys she has ˜dated’ before you but how many guys she slept with before you. Women know you hardly care how many failed date attempts you had to pull through before they found you, but how many different guys they have gotten down and dirty withnow women know what effect that will have on you.

So of course she will keep it a secret from you; the matter speaks for itself. Come to think of it, it isn’t really their fault: the world makes them believe they deserve less respect if they reveal the truth about how many guy they have slept with. Therefore, it is shocking truth she will come to hide from you.

  1. Women think about the future…a lot

Marriage, starting a family together, maybe having a German shepherd, perhaps a tiny aquarium as wellyes, women think a lot about these things. To ˜define the relationship’ and know where you two stand, then make further future plans starting from there is something that goes on in the back of a woman’s head more than you will ever realize.

Women know such things probably freak the guy out so yes, they keep it a secret from you. They don’t want to lose you over a future when in fact nothing is given. They might think about it a lot but they certainly won’t think aloud.

  1. They want you to understand them better

Women know they are complicated. They know when they say no, they actually mean yes. When they push you away, they actually want you to come closer. But the truth is, women want you to understand them and their complicated nature better than they understand themselves. That is because in case they go in a bad place where they forget or lose sight of they are, they want you and only you to come bring them out of that zone.

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