It Is Important That He Values You and Not Just Likes You

To know where you stand in a man’s eyes, you have to understand if he values you or just likes you as a person, there is a difference between the two.

It is one thing to like someone and another to value them. Our world is divided between things and people that we just like and things and people who we hold dear and without which we would survive with difficulty. And to know where you stand in a man’s eyes, you have to understand if he values you or just likes you as a person, there is a difference between the two.

What Is The Difference?

To like a person means to be generally impressed by their personal qualities and having a good opinion of them; it is completely unrelated to being attached or attracted to that person. What explains the attachment is valuing them. After liking them as a person, it is valuing that does all the other work. You can stay with a person and like staying with them only when you value them. To only like someone will not let you do that; you might stop wanting to stay with them at some point because liking is not enough.

For instance, you like your personal belongings like your phone etc. If they break or get lost, the first thing you think about is replacing them. But if you possess something that you value, like a lucky shirt or a really soft pillow without which you cannot sleep, you value such things and would like to keep them as long as you can. That is the difference between liking something and valuing it. Liking can be temporary while valuing makes you make efforts to make it permanent.

If a man likes you, he just likes you for who you are as a person and that does not imply that he will go an extra mile for you when it is time. It would be a folly to expect him to do something for you if he only likes you. What you need to find out if he values you after liking you. If you don’t have any value in his eyes, there would come a time when he would start liking someone else. Valuing makes us understand the concept of commitment and it is exactly what fuels relationships that last longer than lives.

You Deserve To Be Valued

When he would value you, he would make it clear that he appreciates your presence. He would respect you and your decisions will mean something to him. Liking someone does not make them special; their decisions do not leave a mark on our lives since we don’t associate ourselves to them. If you are spending time with a guy or are in a relationship with him, it is important he values you and not just likes you because that is what you deserve. You do not deserve to be taken for granted or treated badly. Find out if he values you or not because likeness might fade away one day.В – Continue reading on the next page

By accepting someone who does not value you, you are only devaluing yourself. If he does not give you the values of love, trust and respect and you are still staying around him in hopes of changing him, you are only devaluing yourself. You are adjusting with less than you deserve and that is telling the world that you do not hold yourself high enough in your own eyes to be held any higher by anyone else. You disrespect yourself by accepting a faint interest and not one that is guaranteed to stay. You can love him all you want but it will all go waste in the end if he does not value you, if he does not invest in you as much as you invest in him.

You Have Got To Know Your Value

In order to be valued by someone else, it is necessary you know your own value. You can only expect someone to treat you right when you know the right way to treat yourself. You have got to know the right ways to respect yourself and value yourself before any temporary guy or people, in general. Knowing what we mean to ourselves sets standards for us according to which we demand to be treated by other people. Once you have discovered your own value, you will never devalue yourself by letting someone take you for granted. The world knows and sees about you what you know and see about yourself and nobody can believe otherwise.

The company you keep says a lot about you so even if you value yourself, hanging around someone who does not value you will mean that you comprise your value which is something you do not want to do to yourself.

It is important that we stay wide awake when a guy tells us that he likes us. Sweet words and praises should not get to us to blind us enough to not see his true feelings. More than anything else in a relationship, it is vital that both the people involved value each other because valuing is what makes two people want to be with each other forever. The key to a happy and healthy relationship is to value and to be valued.

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