10 Things People Do As A Result Of Their Anxiety That Others Don’t Understand

Anxiety isn’t a condition that is to be taken lightly. It’s not something that you can just choose to brush off as normal. Anxiety isn’t something that should be normalized. It’s not something that people should be desensitized to. A lot of people should really make an effort to be understanding of those who are suffering from anxiety.

That’s a very real problem that a lot of people with anxiety have to face beyond their mental health conditions. They have to deal with the social backlash that comes with it. And that’s the unfortunate part. Instead of making an extra effort to be kind and understanding towards people with anxiety, they are often vilified and maligned.

If you are a person with anxiety who is reading this, then this might help you gain a better and more profound understanding of your condition. If you are someone who doesn’t really understand what people with anxiety don’t go through, then this is going to be a really good eyeopener for you.

Here are 11 things that people do as a result of their anxiety which other people might not understand.

1. They decline invitations to go out even though they want to.

It’s not that people with anxiety don’t really like to go out and be around other people. They really want to go out to parties. It’s just that they know that they would be really uncomfortable in those situations and it makes them afraid to say yes to these invitations.

2. They obsess over the little things that other people fail to notice.

People with anxiety will always have a tendency to really obsess over the littlest things. They are really going to pay a lot of unnecessary attention to things that other people wouldn’t even really pay a lot of mind

3. They always think of the worst possible scenarios.

They are people who are usually very pessimistic. Even when other people are always thinking positive and thinking of all the ways that life can be a blessing to them, people with anxiety are rarely ever going to be like that. They are always going to want to be thinking of the worst possible scenarios as a way to prepare themselves – no matter how unlikely they might be.

4. They rewind conversations over and over again.

A person with anxiety is always going to be obsessing over conversations that they have with others. They will always try to stay mindful of the words that they use and the tone in which they deliver their messages to others. They never want to be upsetting other people over what they say.

5. Their anxiety intensifies whenever other people express concern.

People with anxiety usually like to deal with their problems on their own because they don’t want to serve as burdens to other people. That’s why their anxiety is only going to intensify whenever other people will express concern over them.

6. They get very nervous whenever they don’t receive replies right away.

They get really anxious about whenever people don’t reply to their text messages right away or when people don’t pick up their calls. They get really afraid at saying or texting the wrong thing to another person. They are always very mindful of the words that they use.

7. They go through a kind of mental breakdown whenever they think about the future.

Thinking about the future is always going to be a very stressful experience for people with anxiety. They don’t feel comfortable thinking about the future because they are already struggling with staying afloat in the present.

8. They always measure themselves to others with regards to success.

They are always going to be comparing themselves to others when it comes to goals and achievements. They are very insecure about where they are in life. And they are always going to try to measure themselves against others.

9. They obsess over mistakes that they make.

When an anxious person actually makes mistake, they aren’t going to be able to get over it too quickly. They’re really going to obsess over their mistakes because they feel an immense amount of guilt over screwing up.

10. They sometimes feel too tired and ill to leave the house.

There will be times wherein an anxious person will feel physically tired and ill to the point that they will not leave the house. Sometimes, the mental health condition will actually bear some physical symptoms that might be akin to physical illnesses.

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