10 Biggest Turn-Offs That Women Want Men To Know

If you want your relationship to go well, it’s important to know what things might bother women. When people start dating, they look for certain qualities in each other. Sometimes, if partners don’t understand each other, they might get upset or lose interest. It’s good that people now realize strong and independent women are important in relationships.

But these women have their own rules and are clear about what they want. So, to make a relationship work, it’s important to know what things might bother them, both in general and sexually.

Here are the top 10 things that can turn women off:

1. Poor etiquette and manners

Nobody likes to be with a man who has bad manners. Men should always be acting gentlemanly and respectfully towards the women that they are with. If you have poor etiquette, then you would be hard-pressed to find a woman who would like you.

2. Constant nagging

Constant nagging is a sign of passive-aggressiveness and no one ever likes being around that kind of behavior. It shows that you are constantly irritated by things, but you aren’t aggressive enough to do anything about it except complaint.

3. Selfish behavior

It can’t always be about you. in a relationship, it’s always a give and takes kind of situation and you need to be thinking about your partner as well.

4. Neediness

Clingy behavior isn’t cute. You get to a certain point in your adult life wherein independence and self-reliance become very attractive attributes. When you act a little too needy, then you can’t expect any woman to be able to count on you.

5. Hearing but not listening

When a man “hears” his woman but doesn’t “listen”, it’s a massive turn-off for them. Ladies love to talk, and they love it even more when their men listen with interest. When a man shows interest in a woman and what she says, it’s a huge turn-on for them because they see the commitment in the level of interest he’s showing them.

6. Being too much of a “mama’s boy”

Women don’t like it when their partner is too much of a mama’s boy. It’s not healthy when a man is too attached to his mother and doesn’t listen to his partner enough. He might not value her thoughts or put her needs before his mother’s. This shows that he’s not mature because as you grow up, you have more responsibilities towards the people you’re building a life with.

7. Being sexist

Women hate it when men act sexist, it’s a major turn off for them. When a man acts like he’s looking down on his woman, regarding stuff like her job, her lifestyle, her career goals, it seems a bit sexist and it’s a turn off. Women should be treated equally and with respect.

8. Conceitedness and narcissistic tendencies

The world doesn’t revolve around you and you aren’t entitled to everything that you want in life. You have to understand that you aren’t the center of the universe and that you can’t always be the one who hogs the spotlight.

9. Arrogance and overconfidence

There are few things in life that are more irritating than an arrogant person who doesn’t know his place in the world. Stay humble. Humility is never unattractive.

10. Close-mindedness

Be tolerant of opposing worldviews. Be accepting of the perspectives of others. Not everyone is going to think like you and you’re going to have to learn how to interact with people who aren’t like you.

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