11 best places in the world to find love

Love is in the air, literally.

You might find yourself living in a place where, each time you go out, there are loads of couples walking by holding hands or cuddling. If you are single at this point, witnessing such things can take a toll on you. So maybe you need a change of air; some place nice and quiet where love is in the air for you as well. If you do plan to go to such a place in the hopes of finding true love, do check out this list of some of the best love spots all over the world:

  1. Paris, France

When someone takes the name Paris, it is hard to think of much else other than love. No city knows love like Parisians do. Home to so many great historical love stories, romantic art and pop culture, it’s like these people speak the language of love alone. What better place to find the next great big love of your lifetime? So don’t miss out on Paris, the city of lights and love itself.

  1. Rome, Italy

Love and Rome are much like two heads of the same coin. The people here have a natural charm and grace, so it is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with them. Their architecture, foods and art will definitely throw you in the arms of a great love.

  1. San Francisco, USA

Filled with beauteous places and minds that belong to the wave of love in an era of technology and machines this place’s literally the embodiment of a perfect little love endeavor. Expect to bump into someone like you in San Francisco, something that might be the start of your love journey.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The people of this place are among the happiest on the planet. Know why? Because of this sentiment in them called hygge; it enables them to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in lifewith someone. So if you’re looking for someone to cozy up with in order to enjoy and appreciate life and love too, join these people and it might lead you to the love of your life.

  1. Austin, USA

The people here are always up and about looking to achieve the greater things in life: the great success, the great turn of life events, their next big love and so on. These hippies, coupled with their rich culture, are very hard not to love them and come across your special someone after all.

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

It’s quite impossible to not find the love of your life in this nature capital of the world. With its myriad of beautiful and calm natural spots such as rainforests and lakes etc, it’s inevitable to stumble upon a nature lover who might end up being the love of your life as well. This is home to very laid back and very single people.

  1. Las Vegas, USA

To not come across that special someone in the city of sin? Seems very unlikely, in the least. The glorious city lights and the lively spirit, it will be easy to find someone who is just as enthusiasticВ  about having a good time as you are. Who knows, the adventures this city has to offer might be the start of something romantic in your love.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

If the word romance were to have a visual meaning in the dictionary, this place would be it. The cozy streets, the friendly bars and people, the relaxing cultural displays in this city they will make you fall in love with the city then with someone charming from amongst its helping population. So expect to find love just around the corner of this lovely place.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Music and art play an important role in connecting us to each otherand even in terms of love. The start of many great romances begins with the same piece of music or art or both being appreciated by two souls coming from different places. But when it comes to Spain’s Barcelona, that sort of music and art will make two souls fall in love so fast and so deep, their differences and backgrounds won’t matter a bit.

  1. New York City, USA

This is without a doubt one of the most hyped cities in the world. Why? Because it offers something or anything for basically everyone. Whatever your interests are, however much diverse your hobbies may be expect to meet your soulmate in this city because there might just be someone like you out there. The exotic places, its cultural hotbeds and other artistic vocations might throw you in the arms of the great big love of your life.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Want to find the love of your life? Then don’t miss any chance to visit the country of the most sensual dance, the tango. It is among the perfect places to find love. The magnificent and romantic city lights, the delicious foods and the liveliness of the people here, you will definitely find yourself staring in the eyes of who could be your special someone.

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